How to Troubleshoot and Repair Four-Way Switch Problems

How do you diagnose and repair a bad 4-way switch? Four-way switch. Far less common than the 3-way switch, the 4-way switch is likely to be found near stairs or along hallways. It is always installed in the circuit between a pair of 3-way switches. The combination of 3-way and …

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How to Fix a Light Switch

Test and Replace a Single-Pole Light Switch Chose the right light switch Check maximum ampere and voltage ratings: 15A-120V indicates that the switch can be used for up to 15 amperes of current at 120 volts. 15A-120V AC or AC ONLY stamped elsewhere on the switch indicates that it can …

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Most Common Light Switch Problems

Common Wall Switch Problems and Solutions Fixture does not light or lights intermittently Fuse blows or circuit breaker trips when switch flipped on Sparks or crackling noise or light flickers when switch on Toggle does not stay in ON position Both switches must be flipped to turn on fixture (three-way …

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