How to Replace Stove Burner Switch

Symptom: Electric Stove Burner Stays on High Possible Cause: Burner Switch Faulty How to Replace Stove Burner Switch on Whirlpool Stove If your stove’s surface burner only works on high regardless of the burner switch position, you may have to replace the burner switch. To order the switch, you need to find the plate that … Read more

Common Dishwasher Problems & Troubleshooting

Common Dishwasher Problems & Solutions Dishes dirty or spotted after washing Dishwasher doesn’t fill with water Dishwasher drains during fill Water doesn’t shut off Motor doesn’t run Motor hums but doesn’t run Poor water drainage Dishwasher leaks around door Dishwasher leak from bottom Dishwasher doesn’t turn off Dishwasher noisy Door drops hard when opened Door … Read more

Common Refrigerator Problems & Troubleshooting

Common Refrigerator Problems & Solutions Refrigerator doesn’t run and light doesn’t work Refrigerator doesn’t run but light works Refrigerator starts and stops rapidly Refrigerator runs constantly Refrigerator not cold enough Refrigerator too cold Refrigerator doesn’t defrost automatically Moisture around refrigerator door or frame Ice in drain pan or water on bottom of refrigerator Water on … Read more

Common Electric Range Problems & Troubleshooting

What’s wrong with your electric stove? Nothing works All elements do not heat or heat only partially Surface element doesn’t heat Stove burner only works on high Oven doesn’t heat Oven doesn’t hold set temperature Oven produces condensation Self-cleaning oven doesn’t clean Oven light out Oven door doesn’t close properly Nothing works Possible cause Procedure … Read more