Common Kitchen Sink Problems

Common kitchen sink problems and solutions

  1. Water seeps from sink
  2. Water under sink
  3. Drain blocked or sluggish
  4. More than one sink clogged

Water seeps from sink

Possible CauseProcedure
Sink basket displacedTwist basket into place
Sink basket not sealingClean or replace basket

Water under sink

Possible CauseProcedure
Faucet set looseTighten locknuts under faucet set
Faucet set wornHave faucet replaced
Trap fittings looseTighten slip nuts on trap assembly
Dishwasher hose clamp loose or wornTighten or replace clamp
Dishwasher drain hose wornTrim or replace hose
Garbage disposer drainpipe washer wornReplace washer
Trap or drain washers wornReplace worn parts
Tailpiece or washers wornReplace worn parts
Leaky joints at sink strainerTighten locknut or retainer screws
Replace plumber’s putty or worn parts
Trap assembly worn or damagedReplace trap assembly
Supply tubes or fittings leakTighten coupling nut at shutoff valve
Replace supply tubes or shutoff valves
Sink damaged or corrodedHave sink replaced

Drain blocked or sluggish

Possible CauseProcedure
Clog in trap bend or armUse boiling water, plunger, or hose
Work through cleanout plug or trap
Clog in branch drainAuger behind the wall

More than one sink clogged

Possible CauseProcedure
Main drain or vent blockedUnblock main drain or vent

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