A Review of the Assembly Process for the CORDOVA 14X10 GAZEBO from Backyard Discovery

The CORDOVA 14X10 GAZEBO from Backyard Discovery is a wonderful gazebo. It’s well-made and simple to put together, although it isn’t quick. In this blog article, I’ll share my experience putting up the CORDOVA 14X10 GAZEBO.

Easy to Assemble but Time-Consuming

Depending on your experience, it might take anywhere from two to three days to put together. It takes a long time to find the right boards since they’re packed in several boxes.

Tip: Before starting assembling the gazebo, sort the boards by letters.

The Most Difficult Part

You will need help lifting and attaching the roof panels. At least three people are needed for that step. When installing the roof panels, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Hardware Tip

The kit comes with hardware that is sorted and clearly labeled for easy identification. Also, there is extra hardware in every pack. Do not overtighten any screws or lag screws because the wood is soft in some spots.

Anchor the Gazebo

When fully assembled, the gazebo is really heavy but it still can be lifted by strong winds. The hardware kit includes brackets and concrete anchors for anchoring the legs to a concrete floor. There are no instructions for anchoring the gazebo, but I used an impact drill and a 3/16″ diamond tip drill bit.

Do not secure the legs of the gazebo directly to the pavers. Some pavers are laid on top of sand. Remove several pavers and use earth anchors to secure them and then place the pavers back.

Mounting the Outlet

The last step is to mount the outlet provided with the kit. A template is included so there is no need for precise measuring for the screws’ position. After that, you just need a long enough extension cord to plug it into a GFCI outlet.

All in all, the CORDOVA 14X0 GAZEBO from Backyard Discovery is a great product. It is well-made and easy to assemble. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new gazebo. My clients were happy with the final product.

Thanks for reading! I hope this blog post was helpful.